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From The Billioneire to the henchman – Safra The Giant Of Tricks

In Brazil there are approximately 6.3 million businesses. From the grand total, 99% are micro and/or small companies. These small businesses account for over two-thirds of the private sector’s job creation, have no more than 10 employees, and are usually administered by family members themselves.

According to data from SEBRAE-SP, most of these companies are leveraged by debt capital, thus using a large amount of funding from public and private banks. The initiative to develop a handbook directed to the intricacies of Banks was motivated by a personal reason.

On one side, a family company, formed by merchants in the footwear business with almost 8 decades of experience. On the other end, Bank Safra, the ninth largest bank in assets in Brazil, a defendant in more than 11 lawsuits regarding nearly 5 years of financial losses suffered by the family business, targets of a coup orchestrated from a credit method known and used by the majority of micro entrepreneurs.

If the plot alone is alarming, the behind the scenes will expose the criminal case against the Safras, evidenced by the ways that made this operation a financial compensation.

The methods used against the family businessmen for intimidation purposes are undergoing judicial petitions to withdrawal the internet website “” (denied by Google), and a criminal investigation triggered by a strike from “thugs” proven to be hired by the Safras, and caught with a variety of weapons such as batons, ammunition, a knife and handcuffs as they followed one of the
members of the family during workday.

“Operation Smoke”
This handbook addresses the dramatic experience lived by a family of small business owners, and warns to the catalytic…

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