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Safra Bank Security superintendent Sebastião Jesus Garozzo is condemned by the crime of coercion ART:344 cp.

crime of coercion ART:344 CP.

(sentence can be appealed)

Brazilian version
Dr. Abelardo de Azevedo Judge of the 2nd criminal court of Campinas SP, condemned (01/10/19) the security superintendent of Banco Safra SEBASTIÃO JESUS ​​GAROZZO for the crime of article: 344 of CP, coercion crime, It was proved that Sebastião hired the company Unit Consul who sent a private detective (armed with knife, handcuff, iron bar and ammunition) to chase the bank’s customers who have been able to roll back debt claims based on blank signed contracts. The investigator was also convicted of illegal possession of a weapon in addition to the crime of coercion.

The institution of the richest banker in the world, billionaire Joseph Safra, faces a court battle with store owners Bootco. The disagreements last thirteen years. They discuss charging interest on early credit card transactions. In court, shopkeepers have won the Safra and obtained decisions that make them creditors rather than debtors in the country’s sixth largest private bank.

According to prosecutor João Carlos Moraes, SEBASTIÃO’s goal was to “spy and frighten through persecution” the former customers raise negative information against them in order to try “Enforce court settlements” as sentences were hurting the bank’s business. The security superintendent realized “Unfavorable results in court rulings”, according to the prosecutor, in the final allegations of 3/14, Moraes writes that “… the internationally renowned banking institution and acted by coercing the course of the process, As if he himself lived in Chicago in the 1920s”

Sentence – Sebastião Jesus Garozzo e Jeferson Fiuza